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  • A downloadable asset pack for Windows, macOS, and Linux. The assets contained in this package are arranged in sheets with a 16x16 grid and they are designed to allow for a wide range of variants.

    This pack, and the rest of the same BLUE series, are compatible with each other and will be updated with extra content from time to time for free once purchased.


    Some compatible packs:


    💀  Horror Mansion Tileset Pack
    🌻  Farm Tileset Pack

    🕯️ Dungeon Tileset Pack


    ➡️ Check them all⬅️

    Perfectly suited for:

    • Cinematic platformer
    • Action platformer
    • Point-and-click
    • Graphic adventure
    • Story driven by exploration
    • Puzzle-solving
    • Beat-em-up

    Tileset Pack Content

    This tileset comes in .PNG and .PSD format and includes 10 tileset sheets:


    Castle Exterior:


    • Castle walls exterior set in 2 colors, including castle windows, variation tiles, 3 different castle battlement sets in different sizes, wooden beams, each in 3 shades for contrast and shading


    Gates and Rooftops:


    • Giant entrance gate set, adjustable in size, including damaged variation tiles, opened gate background, as well as a verastile stone frame with damaged options
    • Versatile door set, including 5 door designs to mix and match, as well as opened door background options
    • Sideview drawbridge set, including big drawchain set with various rusted and damaged options
    • Basic rooftop set with variation tiles in 4 colors
    • Round tower rooftop set with variation tiles in 4 colors
    • Flagpole set in 4 colors


    Background Walls:


    • Interior background set in 2 colors and 2 shades, including pillars with broken options, background brick tiles, crossing corner pieces, and a versatile window set with broken states, adjustable for different sizes


    Great Hall:


    • Chandelier sets in gold and silver
    • Candleholder set in gold and silver, each including 3 candle variations, standing and wall mounted options, as well as 3 separate small candle holder tiles
    • Vertical flag set in 4 colors
    • Royal stair set
    • King’s knight statue in gold and silver, each with 3 broken variations
    • Versatile Throne set in 4 colors, including adjustable sizes and crown options




    • Kitchen counter set in 2 colors
    • 4 pots
    • Kitchen rack set, including towel and hanging pot
    • Huge barrel set with broken variation tiles
    • Horizontal tapped barrel
    • Default barrel
    • Wooden jug, with empty and filled state
    • Bowl with fruits
    • Water kettle
    • 6 stackable plate tiles, 5 versatile leaning plate tiles, each in 2 colors
    • 5 tableware tiles, including bowl, chalice, jug, and 2 different cups
    • 5 green bottle tiles
    • Wine set, including wine bottle, different wine glasses, and poison vile




    • Royal bed set
    • Versatile framed painting set
    • Nightstand
    • 2 small flower pots
    • Versatile golden mirrors, including broken variation tiles




    • Versatile bookshelf set
    • Scolar's table set
    • book pedestal with open and closed options, including variation tiles
    • 8 stackable book tiles
    • 3 sets of candles
    • Lantern in 2 states
    • Hourglass in 4 states
    • Ink bottle, quill, sheet of paper, and scroll decoration tiles




    • Weapons rack set with broken options
    • Armor set with 4 different colors, including: helmet, chestplate, pants, and shoes
    • A sword, flails, and bow and arrow
    • Versatile weapon set in 4 colors, including: spear, battle axe, pole axe, mace
    • 2 shield designs in 4 colors, each with a grounded option, as well as a neutral shield design
    • Golden treasure chests in 2 sizes, including damaged variation tiles, keys, as well as 3 states for each: locked, unlocked, opened
    • Silver treasure chests in 2 sizes, including damaged variation tiles, keys, as well as 3 states for each: locked, unlocked, opened
    • 12 gold and treasure tiles
    • 2 shelf sets with broken options
    • Ladder set


    Ground and Bushes:


    • 2 ground sets, including orange and green grass tiles
    • Transition tiles
    • Grass decals for both grass colors
    • Bush sets for both colors
    • Water set for moat options
    • Wooden fence set




    • Background mountain sets, including distant castles, versatile trees, and clouds, all in 3 different colors, suited for day, sunrise/sunset, and night time.
    • 2 suns
    • 1 moon
    • Stars
    • Versatile light beam sets for additional detail


    And much more...

    Medieval Castle Tileset Pack

    • Short Info: You can edit and use the assets for commercial products. You can't redistribute the assets directly or use them to make a logo/trademark.

      Full Info: GameDev Market Pro Licence

    • All our blue packs are compatible with each other. You can mix  them to create even more unique locations. The possibilities are almost endless. Play around with exteriors and interiors, different terrains, props, characters, environments, and much more. Create your own world and story!

      How will you know if a pack is part of the BLUE series? Once downloaded, look at the footer color and text description at the bottom of each tileset sheet, there it is specified which of the series the pack belongs to.

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