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  • A downloadable asset pack for Windows, macOS, and Linux. The assets contained in this package are arranged in sheets with a 16x16 grid and they are designed to allow for a wide range of variants.

    This pack, and the rest of the same BLUE series, are compatible with each other and will be updated with extra content from time to time for free once purchased.


    Some compatible packs:


    🏙️  City Street Tileset Pack
    🌳  Forest Tileset Pack

    🏥  Hospital Tileset Pack


    ➡️ Check them all⬅️

    Perfectly suited for:

    • Cinematic platformer
    • Action platformer
    • Point-and-click
    • Graphic adventure
    • Story driven by exploration
    • Puzzle-solving
    • Beat-em-up

    Tileset Pack Content

    This tileset comes in .PNG format and includes 10 tileset sheets:


    • 9 Sets of various crops, including 4 stages of growth, seed bags, and a UI frame:
    • Wheat
    • Corn
    • Carrots
    • Lettuces
    • Pumpkins
    • Tomatoes
    • Potatoes
    • Grapes
    • Strawberries


    • 1 versatile thin fence set in 3 colors
    • 1 versatile fence set in 3 colors, including fence gates with various padlock options


    • 2 flowerpots
    • 1 harvest basket with damaged options
    • 4 small burlap sacks
    • 2 versatile big burlap sacks
    • 2 scarecrows
    • 4 wheelbarrows
    • 6 buckets
    • 4 watering cans
    • 2 pruning shears
    • 4 versatile shovels
    • 2 versatile rakes
    • Versatile hay bale set
    • Versatile well set

    3 Buildings:

    • Barn Versatile exterior barn set with damaged options
    • Windmill Versatile exterior windmill set with damaged options
    • Farmhouse Versatile exterior farmhouse set with damaged options

    Building Interior:

    • Versatile interior building set, suitable for the interiors of all 3 types of buildings
    • Stable and Platform set
    • Ladder set
    • Window set


    • 3 ground sets, including: Grass Soil Dark soil
    • Transition tiles
    • Grass decals with 3 growth stages


    • 2 background mountain sets, including distant buildings, trees, and clouds, all in 3 different colors, suited for day, sunrise/sunset, and night time.
    • 2 suns
    • 1 moon
    • Stars

    Light Beams:

    • Versatile light beam set for additional detail

    And much more...

    Farm Tileset Pack

    • Short Info: You can edit and use the assets for commercial products. You can't redistribute the assets directly or use them to make a logo/trademark.

      Full Info: GameDev Market Pro Licence

    • All our blue packs are compatible with each other. You can mix  them to create even more unique locations. The possibilities are almost endless. Play around with exteriors and interiors, different terrains, props, characters, environments, and much more. Create your own world and story!

      How will you know if a pack is part of the BLUE series? Once downloaded, look at the footer color and text description at the bottom of each tileset sheet, there it is specified which of the series the pack belongs to.

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